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Hoy Solubility Parameter Calculation application: Pricing

The Hoy application
Features and screenshots


A. Web version (suitable for deployment on your company's intranet)

The web version Hoy Solubility Parameter Calculation application comes at a price of €2500 (US$3650).

This includes full executable code, all necessary libraries, an XML-file with all the Hoy group contributions (where you easily can add, delete or modify groups), a database of over 750 solvents and materials (extensible) with their δ-parameters and many other properties, and full installation instructions.

The license allows you to put the application on a single webserver on your intranet, independent on how many end-users can use the application (even if this is means your whole R&D work force).

For mirror-websites within your intranet, ask for our conditions.

The application is not ment to be used on the public internet. If you would like to obtain a license for commercial use (e.g. as part of a commercial package or as a paid service on the internet), contact us.

B. Single PC version

If you need the Hoy application for just one user, you can purchase a single-user license at the price of €1300 (US$1900).

The distribution you obtain is identical to that of the web version (so including all necessary libraries and the database of over 750 solvents and materials), with the exception that you cannot deploy it as a web application. The license than allows you to install the software on a single PC or workstation.

How to order ?

Use the normal purchasing channels of your company. After your order has been received, we will send you a CD with all necessary software and documentation. If you cannot wait for the CD, please let us know and we will mail you the adress where you can download the software from.

I want to try the software first

If you want to try the software first, just send us a mail with your coordinates (full name, address, phone number) and we will send you a CD with a trial version, or a download link from which you can download the software.

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