Computer Chemistry Consultancy - XML4Pharma, Katzelbachweg 18, A-8052 Thal, Austria,


Computer Chemistry Consultancy provides the following services:

Services: Especially for (but not limited to) :
Development of tailored technical and scientific software. This software can be stand-alone or it can be web-enabled (our specialism) or web-services-enabled R&D of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies
Consultancy in the area of web-enabling and web-services-enabling (SOAP-technology) of technical and scientific software Pharmaceutical and Chemical R&D and their IT-departments, Information Management
Interfacing technical and scientific software with the web and with web-services id.
Translation of old software to Java (servlets, applets, JSP), also in conjunction with databases id.
Consultancy in the area of Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry, especially to help companies make more efficient use of (the expensive) Molecular Modeling software. R&D of Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies
Introduction and package selection of molecular modeling software id.
Problem solving strategy development in molecular modeling id.
Development of macros, add-ons, scripts, for all major molecular modeling packages id.
Tailor-made (on-site) courses in XML, Java, web services, web enabling IT-departments of Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies, and all others interested

For clarity: what Computer Chemistry Consultancy does NOT provide:

  • E-commerce, E-business or E-procurement
  • Internet development: we specialize in software designed for the intranet. We can however advise you how to make your intranet applications available through the internet (i.e. extranet, web-services/SOAP).
  • Consultancy in the area of Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD).
  • BioInformatics package selection. We are however specialists in web-enabling and web-services-enabling (with SOAP and XML-RPC) of BioInformatics software (using Perl, CGI, Java, C, or C++), and have considerable experience in software development in this area.
  • LIMS support and/or package selection

Computer Chemistry Consultancy, June 2001