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Scientific Publications of Jos Aerts

Small-Angle Scattering of Aramid Fibre


J.Appl.Crystall., 24, 709-711 (1995)


Aramid fibres show elongated microsvoids parallel to the direction of the fibre axis, resulting in an equatorial streak in the small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) pattern. The scattered intensity in the equatorial direction has been measured for three samples of the same fibre: an untreated yarn specimen, yarn in which Ag2S was precipitated and a single filament of the latter. In the case of the untreated yarn, the interpretation of the SAXS pattern is hindered by the presence of residual water in the voids, resulting in a three-phase system. The SAXS pattern of the yarn with precipitated Ag2S follows the theoretical pattern (adapted for the two-dimensional case) for a system with random pores, but the interface between aramid and Ag2S shows fractal properties. The single filament with Ag2S shows a SAXS pattern analogous to that of the fibre with Ag2S, indicating that multiple scattering and interfilament scattering is negigible. It was also found that the Ag2S precipitates in the fibre with preferred orientation.